Saturday, 22 November 2014

See the Extravagant life style of Ghanaian big girl that was arrested for drug trafficking

Nayele Ametefe having breakfast
Ghanaian super big girl, Nayele Ametefe also known as Ruby Adu-Gyamfi, who is said to be livimg very large and highly placed in Ghana has been arrested at Heathrow Airport, London this month for drugs. Nayele was arrested shortly after arriving on a flight from Accra, Ghana, in a business class on the 10th of November, 2014.

Nayele was caught with 12 kilograms of cocaine worth £3.5million ($5 million), while £6, 063 cash was found on her. She was also reported to have been in possession of three passports including a Ghanaian diplomaticpassport and an Austrian passport. Ghanaian authorities have however denied she had a diplomatic passport, but said it was an ordinary Ghanaian passport.

Nayele who was arrested on Monday, November 10, was charged to court the following day, Tuesday, November, 11th, 2014, for attempting to import a class A drug. She was however remanded in custody until her next appearance at Isleworth Crown Court on the 27th of this month. Check out some photos of her large lifestyle below...

Tonto Dikeh in pink muscle tees & black pant (Photos)

Tonto Dikeh AKA Mrs X stepped out today rocking a pink muscle tees and black pant paired with a pink strappy heels and black bag. Feeling her look?

Friday, 21 November 2014

UNICAL Economics Lecturer stabs Student in the Eye [Photos]

I just got a mail from a student in Unical where this incident happened.
According to the eye witness,
A student of Computer Science Department of University of Calabar name withheld almost lost his sight after a notorious lecturer known as Chris Otu in the Department of Economics, University of Calabar stabbed him with his-car key during lecture hour.

According to an eye-withness Mr Otu was supposed to have a class with year 3 students of Computer Science Department by, today 21 Nov. but he failed to appear after keeping the students waiting for two hours, he later appeared by 12-noon.

After the lecturer's arrival, the waiting students assembled themselves at the lecture venue New CES building room 7 behind Unical Library.

The victimised student (name withheld) who is the lecturer's class rep. took white board markers to the lecturer (Mr. Otu) which is a regular routine in various Universities in Nigeria. But the lecturer for no reason premeditatedly used a book in his hand to hit the student on his head and as if that was not enough, he stabbed him with his car key and walked him out of the class.

The injury was bleeding profusely when the lecturer who felt zero remorse told the injured student and other students in the class to go and ask around who he is.

Mr Chris Otu who lost one of his eyes during a battle is believed to be an ex-cultist and because this is Nigeria, he claims nothing can be done to him.

Patrick Obahiagbon reacts to the drama at the National Assembly yesterday

Former member of the House of Representatives, Hon. Patrick Obahiagbon has described the political drama which played out Thursday at the National Assembly as a display of ‘executive rascality’. The former lawmaker, who is currently Chief of Staff to Governor Adams Oshiomhole of Edo State, reacted to the development via a Facebook post.If you understand what he wrote, pls kindly explain to the rest of us.

Can LOVE be measured this way?

Can love be measured this way?

17 year old Kylie Jenner shares new lovely photos

You like?
another picture below

Fully Clothed Maheeda enjoys birthday weekend with her hubby in south Africa (Photos)

Maheeda would be a year older on the 22nd of November and she went on a dinner date with her husband in South Africa

Its really being a long time since we heard any news about Naija's bad girl 'Maheeda'. However, she would be a year older tomorrow November 22nd and she is already feeling the celebration in the air as she enjoyed dinner with her hubby yesterday in Johannesburg South Africa. Maheeda looks so beautiful with clothes on.

Tonto Dikeh gives her stylist 500,00 Naira cash gift

Tonto dikeh gave her stylsit swanky jerry 500,000
Actress Tonto Dikeh snuffed a whopping sum of 500,000 naira into her stylist car as a gift. On seeing the gift this morning, an excited Swanky Jerry took to IG to appreciate it and also share the good news. 

LOL, See what happened to Hon. Kawu Sumaila after jumping the fence yesterday

Its no news that Law maker Hon. Kaawu Sumaila jumped over the fence during the commotion at House Chamber  yesterday. After jumping the fence, he was so exhausted that he had to pull off his suit and and unbutton his shirt. To think of it, he is some one's dad. Na wah oh

Style Feature:- Beautiful Ehinome

For the newbies, Style feature is one of the interesting segments on this platform and from the response I get from my readers, I promise to bring it on often. On today's segment i bring to you beautiful Ehinome

Ehinome is 26 year old lady who is in love with fashion.
Read her words below
 FYI, I am also a workaholic so I tend to lean more towards the comfortable and sweet look  *smiles* . My role model is Kim Kardashian, just because of her fashion sense and her business mind alone oo! Truthfully sha, no matter how much you hate her, you can’t take these two things away from her  #justsaying. I think I have a unique sense of style, I mostly like the plain or classy look but I also like to play with colors as well, my color variations depend on my mood, I am mostly happy, so no fear and no matter how sad I get, I can never go gothic hehehe… one of my dreams is to be a stylist because I know I could put together great ensembles. Like I always say, I can make you feel like a billion bucks .My ultimate dream is to build up a brand and have my own clothing line  in the nearest future and am going HAM on that.

Kim Kardashian says she would support North West to go NUDE in the future

Kim said she would allow her daughter north west to go nude in the future

Kim Kardashian West said she would definitely support baby Nori to go nude for any shoot in the future.
  Speaking on Perth’s 92.9FM, she said: ‘I would support anything she wants to do. ‘I don’t do anything with the intention to promote anyone else doing it, that’s not even what I’m trying to do. I do it because I’m proud of it and it empowered me to feel good about myself after I had gained 500 pounds and looked like a huge slob for so long.’ The ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ star made the decision to pose nude after giving birth when she was pregnant and felt ‘the lowest’ she has ever been because of her changing body. She said: ‘I had a really bad pregnancy and I gained a lot of weight and I did not feel good about myself. I felt probably the lowest I have ever felt in my life. ‘Just yesterday I saw a clip of me when I must have been about eight months pregnant – huge! ‘I said, ‘Guys, just wait until I have this baby, as soon as I get my body back and I feel good about myself, I’m going to do some naked shoot so just be ready.’ Meanwhile, the brunette beauty revealed her shiny appearance in the Paper images were a result of using a product from her own Kardashian Beauty collection. She explained to Fox FM: ‘I have a haircare line, it was actually my hair oil that I used… a little bit of that.’...

See this hilarious photos from Yesterday's saga @ national assembly

Naija which way na?
another picture below

See this epic throw back photo of Tu Face & Annie

True love they say never dies,this picture of tuface and Annie was taken back in 2002. They have been in love for a very long time and their love still wax stronger. We love!!!

Robbers attacked bullion van & went away with millions of naira in Ondo state

While our readers were busy fighting yesterday, some robbers where busy doing their thing in Ondo state.
A bullion van belonging to the United Bank of Africa (UBA), was attacked by armed robbers at Elemoso village along Ondo-Akure Road in the Ondo East Local Government Area of the state on Thursday noon.

According to reports, the robbers looted the bullion van and escaped with undisclosed amount of money.

Narrating how the incident occurred, an eyewitness told Punch that the policemen that escorted the bullion van were caught unaware after the armed robbers rained bullets on the police escort vehicle and the bullion van simultaneously.

“The policemen and the driver of the van took to their heels immediately the hoodlums opened fire on them. The operation lasted for just about seven minutes.

The speed breaker erected on the highway helped the armed men. They overtook the vans and opened fire on the policemen before they could realise what was going on. The men were better equipped because they operated with confidence,” he explained.

Ondo State Commissioner of Police, Isaac Eke, confirmed the attack saying, “The command suspects conspiracy in the attack. Official booking of security was not made at the Police Operations Department before the assignment was carried out. Also, none of the escort police officers in the convoy had reported to the station. Their whereabouts remained unknown.But we will soon arrest and bring the hoodlums to book. All law abiding citizens are advised to go about their lawful business.”

Gobe!!! Senate President David Mark was given a very HOT slap at National Assembly

I just hope this our so called leaders wont strip to their boxers while fighting some day. After the whole chaos yesterday at national assembly in Abuja, it just got to my notice that David mark as given a very hot slap. lol

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Footballer Emmanuel Adebayo chases mum out of his house, says she is using 'JUJU' on him

Footballer Emmanuel adebayo ejects his mum out of his house because she is using supernatural powers on him

Wonders shall never end, foorballer Emmanuel Adebayor has claimed that his mother and relatives, are using ‘juju’ to end his football career.

The Togo and Tottenham Hotspurs striker, has stayed away from his family including his mother, who he went with to receive the Africa Footballer of the Year award in Lagos.
“As at now, our mother is selling polythene bags, padlocks and other things on the (Ghana/Togo) border. Our mother has not seen him for more than a year and he rejects her calls anytime. Our mother is not calling him for his money, she just wants to see him because she loves him very much,” Adebayor’s sister, Maggie told Peace FM.
However, Adebayor, speaking to the same radio station, insisted that he cut off from his family, because they are plotting evil against him.
“How can I talk to a mother who together with my sisters have been plotting juju against me?” he fired back.
It is a sharp contrast to the comments he provided to Daily Mail in 2009, where he said: “At the airport my mum said, ‘Go to France and you can change the way this family lives.’ She knew that if I succeeded in football we could have a better life and finally get out of poverty. At 15 I wasn’t just playing for my own glory, I was playing for the sake of my family.”

My prayers made google to shut down Linda Ikeji's blog - Comedian Princess

Popular comedian Tee A held a comedy concert in Ikeja on Sunday November 16, 2014 where female comedian Princess made jokes about gossip blogger Linda Ikeji.

Princess fired shots at Linda Ikeji saying she prayed for Google to take down her blog which happened on October 8, 2014. The comedienne's exact words were "Have you seen Linda Ikejibefore? Do you know Linda Ikeji is very ugly, I’m finer and sexier than her, my prayersmade google shut down her blog, I remember I went to MFM to pray and when I got back, her blog was shut down"

Beyonce arrives New York like a queen (Photos)

Yesterday, Queen Bey was spotted in NewYork as she was heading to to Parkwood Entertainment, an entertainment and management company owned by herself. Now yous ee why she is being called Queen Bey, Bow down b****hes!!!

Rukky Sanda shares throw back photos of herself in Bikini

Rukky shared these photos of herself in different bikini from 2004 to 2014. Is she getting sexier? which is your favourite? I think i prefer that of 2004.

Nollywood sexiest Benson Okonkwo debunks gay rumors, says he has a girlfriend

Benson debunks gay rumors in a new chat with Punch, he says most times interviewers twist the subject out of context.
"Most times, when I grant interviews to blogs, the subject is always twisted out of context. Most of those commenting on those blogs would say that I am gay. Maybe, it is because of the roles I have played in some movies.”They should understand that I am only acting and the roles have nothing to do with my personality. I get embarrassed when people mistake the part I play in a movie for reality and call me a gay. And to think that I have always said that I am not gay! It really hurts.”. “I am not bothered by what people are saying about me. To be honest with you, if I felt that the comments were a big problem to me, I would have stopped granting interviews long ago. What my critics don’t know is that I have a steady girlfriend. But I won’t talk about her. I don’t like to talk about my private life,”

He said

"I have no plans to start making babies now" - Newly wed Blessing Okagbare

In a recent interview with New Telegraph, Blessing Okagbare who got married to her beau on the 8th of November talks about her life as a married woman.
read excerpt below
After your wedding, when do you plan to start a family, I mean having babies?

A family, hahaha, I am not planning about that now. At the moment I have goals that must be accomplished and some things to be achieved professionally, so starting a family immediately after my wedding is actually not in the schedule for me right now, no way. Honestly, we have already talked about it and my fiancé knows what I do for a living. We have talked about it and he knows there are things I must get done in my career which are very important to me. Having kids now is out of it, there are things in my career that must be accomplished before we start thinking of building a family. After my wedding the next agenda is to accomplish all the things I have set out to achieve and that is it, not having babies, this will surely come later.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Patience Jonathan gets her National Identity Card in Abuja (Photos)

First lady got her national ID card in abuja
Patience Jonathan was so happy after she got her national ID card. It was launched in August 2014. When it was first launched, President Goodluck Jonathan described the card as having multi-purpose functions. 

“The card is not only a means of certifying your identity, but also a personal database repository and payment card, all in your pocket,” he said.

Fire on Kcee's IG page after sharing a lady's photo for his miss fine face contest (Juicy Gist)

Please is Miss fine face a contest or an avenue for cyber bullying and hating. There was serious fire on KCee's face after he shared photos of a lady @berbiedoll on his page and a whole lot of people dropped hateful comments about her. Well, some of the comments might be true but i really cant tell 'cos i no know the geh before' You need to read all the insults that was ruined on her even Kwara state governor for having a night stand with her. see snap shot of the juicy comments below

Kim Kardashian is a trouble maker, she recreates Solange's wedding photo

Kim kardashian recreates solange's wedding photo
Kim is really a trouble maker, what got in to her that she decided tor recreate solange's most talked about wedding photo.

Solange broke the internet with her wedding photos when she finally married her longtime director beau Alan Ferguson in a simple yet breath taking way. 

Today, Kim Kardashian turned heads in a new series of photos that looks similar to Solange’s pictures. Rocking a David Koma top with a matching Atsuko Kudo skirt, standing in rows of mannequins, leaving many to believe she was throwing a little shade. We all know that Bey and Jay were M.I.A. for Kim and Kanye’s big Italian wedding extravaganza which made folks think there was some bad blood between families. Is it all a coincidence or is Kim actually did it purposely? Well trust the Bey hive's they slammed kim immediately for her naughty act

"I Hardly get the things i look for in life" - President Goodluck Jonathan

President Goodluck Jonathan on Thursday revealed the secret of his success in life and aslo says he hardly gets what he wants in life. According to PUNCH, Jonathan, who boasted that no party would defeat the PDP during the 2015 polls said sometimes, things that he did not think about are the ones he gets.

Jonathan said:

“In my own life, the things I look for I hardly get. It’s what I don’t even think about that I get sometimes. I believe most of you will smile. But collectively, first and foremost, let us unite the party and work together for our collective victory.
Let me use this unique opportunity to plead with all of us who are aspiring for electoral
offices that the world does not begin and end with the office you are looking for. Sometimes, you would be looking for an office, you may not be able to get it for one reason or the other. Let us say somebody blocked you, so be it, let somebody block you. But if God wants something better for you, even after that blocking, you will get something else.
I plead with all of us that we should not play the do-or-die, except I get it, let the party sink. We are taking inventory of all what is happening in all the states and I promise that we will try and use as many people as possible. There are challenges in some states. People may deliberately block you. You may even be the best candidate in that particular constituency, but let us move ahead.
I’m yet to see those who can beat the PDP. They will continue to make the noise but they cannot beat us, because the gap between PDP and others is very wide. The way we do things and the way they do things are very different; the way we talk and the way they talk are very different; the way we reason and the way they reason are very different.
Our commitment to transform this country and their thinking about Nigeria are very different. And I promise you my party men and women and indeed all Nigerians that with your support, collectively we must move this country to where we want it to be. Every day, every week and every month, we must add something; we must change and continue to change.”

US Embassy ruins Newly wed Blessing Okagbare's honeymoon plans with hubby

Blessing shedding tears
Nigeria’s fastest woman, Blessing Okagbare, who tied the knot with heart-throb, Igho Otegheri on November 8 has been denied honeymoon time with her husband by the American embassy. According to Vanguard, Okagbare and her footballer husband, planned to travel to Los Angeles where the double sprint 2014 Commonwealth Games gold medallist is based. But Otegheri was denied a visa, something that left Okagbare distraught and confused.

Okagbare trains with American coach, John Smith in Los Angles and was hoping that her husband who won four caps with the Super Eagles will be around at her weakest moments. Blessing told Vanguard:

“I feel so bad that America Embassy would turn down the visa request by my husband to travel with me to Los Angeles. I have resumed training for the season and I have to go back to my base (Los Angeles) with my husband so that I can concentrate. I have sent copies of my documents, including my Resident Permit in Los Angeles to them so as to
facilitate my husband’s traveling with me to the States, but they refused.
Help me appeal to them to grant him visa because it won’t be easy for me to shuttle between Nigeria and the States every time. I have to concentrate on my training and the only way to do so is to have my husband with me in the States. I have been so sad since my husband returned from Abuja with this bad news. They have to do something about it,” she lamented

Toke Makinwa stuns in blue for Kinabuti show + Fans slams her fore head saying she looks older than her age

Toke Makinwa wore a blue dress for Kinabuti show which is currently taken place at Federal palace hotel,Lagos. Feeling her look?
Mean while her fans on IG dissed her because of her fore head saying she looks older than her age.
more photos and snap shot of her fans comment below

For Kinabut show Toke Makinwa wore a blue dress

Nigeria Fails To Qualify For 2015 AFCON Nations Cup

Nigeria failed to qualify for 2015 afcon nations cup

Nigeria failed to qualify for the AFCON 2015 as they slipped to a 2-2 draw at home.

The match was played at the newly commissioned Akwa Ibom stadium where Tokelo Rantie scored against the super Eagles in the 42nd minute.

Things got worse in the second half as Tokelo Rantie scored again after a terrible defensive error. 

Sone Aluko scored a brace to put Nigeria back in the game but it was all in vain as Congo defeated Sudan to take second place in Group A.

Ebube Nwagbo Dazzle in new photos

Ebube Nwagbo is seriously glowing and we love her new look. She shared these new photos of herself to promote her hair brand.
You like?

Who Rocked the jumpsuit Better?: Joselyn Dumas VS Juliet Ibrahim

Just like psquare, Jsquare' is killing it in lovely jump suites. The two Ghanaian stars recently showed off their curves in these similar jumpsuits. Which of them is your favourite?