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Friday, 19 December 2014

Banky W shares lovely selfie of him self & handsome younger brother

Banky W took to IG to share this million dollar selfie with a caption that reads " Mannnn look who just got into town!! My not-so-little brother @f_doubleu... ghen ghen #letTheTurnUpBegin #fineBoyW #youngestInCharge #Wellington #number1 #moreFIYAH.
Ladies, if you were opportune to pick one, who would you pick?

Photos From The Presidential Christmas Carol at the Aso Villa, Abuja

From Left to right: President Jonathan, his daughter & son; Aruera and Abobo Jonathan, his mother Mrs Eunice Jonathan, and Most Rev. Joseph Efobi at the Presidential Christmas Carol which held yesterday Dec 18 at the Aso Villa. 
more photos below

45 year old Jennifer Lopez shows off serious boobs for People Awards (Photos)

Jennifer Lopez showed off her sexy side as she stepped on the red carpet of People Awards in a plunging neck jump suit. 45 year old and still very much sexy, wow its a very good one. You like?

See New photos of Khloe Kardashian

Khloe Kardashian shared these photos of herself in a gold dressing gown which was taken in her Calabasas bathroom. The Kardashians would make the list of beautiful women in the world, you agree?
more photos below

SS3 Student Stabs Father In The Eye Over Christmas Clothes in Lagos

A secondary school student in Oshodi area of Lagos threw decorum to the wind yesterday, when he stabbed his father in the right eye for failing to buy him Christmas clothes.

According to Leadership,the boy is a Senior Secondary School (SSS3) student, who was identified simply as Ikechi, was said to have held his father, Anthony, hostage for some minutes in their apartment on Arowojobe Street, Osodi, before committingthe dastardly act, because the man failed to buy him Christmas clothes.

 According to family members, Anthony was said to have explained to Ikechi that he had only “small money” which barely paid for the Christmas clothes of his three siblings, but all appeals made by his father fell on deaf ears. Ikechi’s cousin, Ukachukwu, revealed that Ikechi was so livid that he quarrelled with his father through the night, insisting that he must get his Christmas clothes, because he wanted to wear it to the birthday of a friend at one of the beaches along the Victoria Island-Epe Expressway, on Sunday. According to Ukachukwu, when Anthony, who works as a guard in a hotel, wanted to leave for work, his son would not let him leave. 

“He accused his father of hating him and, fed up with his complaints, the man got his belt and began to flog the boy. “As his father continued flogging him, Ikechi reached for a knife and stabbed him straight in the eye. Upon seeing the horror of his deed, Ikechi took his heels. “When I wanted to run off to the police station to report the issue to the police, his mother begged me not to, as it will ‘involve more expenses.” Anthony, who was rushed to the hospital right away is under intensive care, while family members are praying for him to see properly with the eye again. 

“But I doubt if he will still see with that eye again,” Ukachukwu said.

Thursday, 18 December 2014

The new N100 Banknote To Go Into Circulation Today

The commemorative N100 banknote unveiled recently by President Goodluck Jonathan will go into circulation today.

With this development, all branches of CBN have been directed to commence issuance of the currency in their respective locations.

According to the statement issued by the Corporate Communications Department of CBN, the commemorative note will circulate alongside the existing N100 note.

Proud dad!!! Kanye West Spends $60,000 On Christmas Gifts For North West

According to MTV UK, Kanye & Kim reportedly spent over $60,000 on just two Christmas presents for their baby daughter, North.

It was reported that Kanye spent over $50,000 on a diamond encrusted tiara, and $9400 on a matte-black SUV car, similar to his very own set of wheels. Its so good to have rich parents......
If he spends so much on his little girl, then imagine how much more he would spend on the main girl (Kim)

See Nicki Minaj's Photos for Roberto Cavalli's Latest Campaign

 Nicki Minaj went fierce in selected pieces by famed designer,Roberto Cavalli. Some says if she wasn't a rapper, she would have made a good model, You agree?

You remember Boy Alinco? Adaeze Yobo rocks his signature glasses

You all remember popular Boy Alinco in the comedy series Papa Ajasco by Wale Adenuga Productions? Joseph's wife 'Adaeze' shared a photo of herself rocking his signature glasses. The glasses is going to be a trend very soon. Watch out!!!

Sexiest Actor Benson Okonkwo Releases Christmas Photos

Nollywood's "Sexiest" actor 2014 released these new set of Christmas photos to his loyal fans. Feeling the nigga?

"I won't rest until I can feed 1million kids or more" - Halima Abubakar

The actress took to instagram to share her plans to feed hungry kids around the world.She shared the picture on the right with the caption

No caption needed..i won't rest until I can feed 1million kids or more...I love food..they should get the best in life.Kids!kids need the love..kids who don't know whr, the next meal will kum from.

Tony Tetuila reveals why he stepped down before the APC Primaries

Tony Tetuila was serious with campaigns and all, suddenly nothing was heard of his political campaign.He revealed to Sahara Tv that he stepped down

I used to be a musician and now i'm going into politics.I believe I still need to learn more .They said fine, no matter how you are going, you are part of us.That's why I love the party APC.They showedme the way and told me nor matter what, I'm part of them..

On losing the primaries

Let me say indirectly I actually stepped down before the primaries..Atleast he is capable for the seat now which I'm giving all my support for him as an indigene and as an artist and a person thats from the same constituency

On being compensated for stepping down

Errm..don't let us let the cat out of the bag, but i believe with my hard work and the way I'm carrying people along especially the youth, there would be a compensation..
I stopped music because i've been following politics and it has not been in vain.I want to add my impact to my state.The only way i can serve my people is going into politics .We are from the streets, we know what the street wants and what they deserve .

Guess who posed for new sexy Photos..........

Actress Stella Damasus isn't taking a chill pill anything soon neither is she going to relax for young ladies to out shine her. She shared these photos of herself in black a day after making a very shocking revelation of her dating her Colleague's (Doris Simeon's) husband Daniel Ademinokan.

Feeling her look?

Who ever knew Tonto Dikeh & Juliet Ibrahim were best of friends?

Wow, I never knew they were so close or did you? Tonto Dikeh posted this photo of African Kim Juliet Ibrahim and said she wished this was her..Juliet re posted the picture with a lovely reply.
"Repost from @tontolet " I WISH THIS WAS ME GOD BLESS D GAL* #JI"
"Now see, this is a true friend and colleague. Most people don't know how sweet and kindhearted you are and how I will never have to even ask u or beg u to do me any kind of favor whatsoever! @tontolet because of your kind nature you are where you are today! Without you Tonto Dikeh there would have been no Juliet Ibrahim in Nollywood at the particular time you helped me enter the industry. I always speak about this to people. No other actress in ur shoes at that time Wld hv done this for another Cus she Wld hv felt I am coming to compete with her. My darling; you are the best! #teamwinning #Godforusall thanks for being a friend hun ����"

Dillish Mathew looks Ravishing in new photos

Big Brother Africa The Chase winner Dillish Matthew looked nothing less than a princess in new set of photos.
You like?
more below

Tonto Dikeh share new photos, show fans all her tattoos

Tonto Dikeh the dog and tattoo lover shared new photos with serious focus on all her tattoos. In her words So in love with evry inch of me...������

Voice of the street, Olamide shares epic throw back photos

His face hasn't really changed much but he looks fresher and well fed. More photos below

It's official!!! After 22 years of marriage Kris And Bruce Jenner Divorce

Kris and Bruce Jenner are officially divorced. A judge in Los Angeles has signed the legal documents and the power couple’s split is now final.

The Jenners announced their separation after 22 years of marriage in October 2013. In September, the Jenners filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences.

There was no prenuptial agreement. Kris will get the family’s home, and the couple’s other assets and accounts will be divided according to a settlement that was reached through what all parties agree was a relatively painless, amicable process. There will be no spousal support. There’s no official custody arrangement for the Jenners’ only non-adult child, 17-year-old Kylie, who is expected to split time between her parents.

Tayo Faniran gets another gift, this time its a customized Wine

Excited Tayo shared the photo with the caption "All the Way from @jamesonwhiskey Dublin Distillery Reserve.This bottle has been specially labelled for TAYO FANIRAN .. I'm dedicating this to all the #TeamTayo all over Africa . I love you all ❤️❤️"

Nigerian Women tops list of Unfaithful women in the world

In the new survey gotten from IndianTvNews, it states the top nationalities of women who are prone to being unfaithful even while being married, according to their countries. The new survey showcased how regardless of marital status, s*xual orientation, or a committed relationship, women still in the real sense tend to be unfaithful.

The new survey was conducted by c****m manufacturer, Durex. A total number of 29,000 people in 36 countries were interviewed and the interview ranked Nigerian women as the most unfaithful in the world. All in all, 50-65% of husbands and 40-55% of wives have an affair before they are 40.
Here are the top the 8 countries of most unfaithful wives according to IndianTvNews and reasons why:

1. Nigerian women
62% of Nigerian women are unfaithful. Recently Major Chitsiko, a soldier, committed a suicide after his wife cheated on him. The couple was estranged. Also in November 2011, Erelu Tola Solomon, a social elite in Lagos and Abuja, decided to ruin her 25 year marriage after having s*x with a Lagos businessman.

2. Thai women59% of women living in Thailand admitted to cheating on their husbands. The rules seem more relaxed in Thailand than they are in the West. Many husbands even allow their wives to commit adultery.

3. British women
A UNLV article on infidelity and extramarital affairs noted that Britain have cases at a rate of 42%. The country experiences a high rate of women cheating.

4. Malaysian women
33% of Malaysians are known to have cheated. 39% of the Malaysian women, in particular, are known to betray their marriage vows. It was also revealed that Malaysian men have on average 3 s*x partners.
5. Russian women
33% of Russian women are known to be cheaters. Interestingly enough, the adulterer is not the one to blame in Russia. The finger points towards the person who kindles the affair. The fingers also point to women and that has been a ‘century-old tradition’.

6. Singaporean women
Durex also established that 19% of women in Singapore are known to be unfaithful. Singapore men are known to have up to 16 s*x partners, which explains why the country has 19% unfaithful women.

7. French women
Women in France are 16.3% likely to commit adultery. Men are 22% likely. A Huffington Post article believes that France makes adultery mandatory – 93% of the population is committing it.

8. American women
14% of married women in US admitted to having an affair once during their married life. 54% of the married men did not know about their spouses extramarital activities. This comes in a society where 50% believe that adultery is morally wrong. Interestingly enough 61% of Americans believe that adultery should not be a crime.

Iyabo Ojo adds Breast Enlargement and Vaginal Tightening to her business line

Actress Iyabo Ojo just added a feather to her cap as she ventures into Breast Enlargement and Vaginal Tightening. The announcement was made my the actress via a BBM broadcast
Read her BC Below
‘New Effective Product: Sliming pills, Breast enlarging cream, Hip up butt enlarging cream, Tightening liquid 4 ladies. It xmas season, Visit FESPRISWORLD 2day and get a 20% on all our services n product, plus the best Royal treatment ever. We specialize in different type of Body Massage, Body treatment, Body polish &glow, Body wax, Body stream, Body Wrap, sauna, Manuel Facial or Electrical Facial using both Direct & Indirect High Frequency, we’ve great hair stylist that will give u a perfect finish Hair do or Hair Cut, Our Nail expert is one of d very best, get a feel of our spa Manicure & Pedicure using candle wax & essential oil 4 a Soft & perfect finish, we sell different kind of skin products, lighting cream, skin treatment cream, lighting body Scrub, body soap, facial cream, dark spot remover, dark knuckle remover, Acne soap, Acne cream & pills, sunburn remover & stretch mark oil & cream. We also sell different types of make-up kids, Powder, Foundation, lip stick, lip gloss, blush, eye shadows etc.’...

Actress Toyin Aimakhu shows off toned legs for Ibinabo's Traditional Wedding

Toyin Aimakhu showed off her hot legs in this grey outfit to AGN president Ibinabo Fiberesima's traditional wedding today.  One of her best look of 2104, You agree?

Kim & Kanye step out in matching outfit (Photos)

Make up free Kim Kardashian and her lover boy hubby stepped out in matching out as they hit the gym together. Couple who visits the gym together stay together. 
More photos of the power couple below

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

See new sexy photos of Juliet Ibrahim

Popular Ghanaian actress who doubles as a singer Juliet Ibrahim releases stunning new photos as she drops her 4th single ‘Sholala’.

First Photo of General Buhari & Running Mate, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo

One of APC’s media aide shared this photo of Buhari with his running mate, Redeemed pastor Prof. Yemi Osnbajo, on twitter. They are the change we need in Nigeria to make it a better country. You agree?

See more photos of the guy that spent £100,000 on plastic surgeries to look like Kim Kardashian

Yesterday, i brought you all a story of a guy who spent £100k just to look like his Idol Kim Kardashian. If you missed it check HERE
See more photos of him below

Court Bars Jimi Agbaje From Parading Himself As PDP Governorship Candidate

Federal High Court sitting in Abuja, on Wednesday, ordered the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to maintain the status quo on the contentious gubernatorial primaries held in Lagos over a week ago, in which Mr Jimi Agabaje emerged the party’s candidate for the 2015 governorship poll.

The Tribune has it that the court has, however, fixed December 23 for the INEC and PDP to appear before it and, as such, forbade Agbaje, the acclaimed winner, to stop parading himself as the party’s candidate until the suit before it was heard. Senator Musiliu Obanikoro, a governorship aspirant on Lagos PDP platform, had pleaded with the court to compel the party not to accept the result of the primaries held on December 8, due to the alleged over-voting at the exercise.

 A total of 806 accredited voters were announced at the commencement of voting, but 866 delegates later voted. The former minister also asked the court not to recognise Agbaje because, according to him, he joined the party barely six months ago and, as such, was morally unfit to contest for governorship, since the National Working Committee (NWC) of the party had not given him a waiver. 

Other issue in contention before the court was that the leader of the party in Lagos, Chief Olabode George, allegedly came with thugs to scare accredited voters loyal to Obanikoro away from the venue. Obanikoro, in his prayer, is seeking for outright cancellation of the exercise and a rerun at a date to be fixed.

I was the best candidate in my constituency yet i lost out in the preimaries - Kenny STBrown

In a chat with Encomium,KSB explained why she lost out like other entertainers in the recent APC primaries despite the fact that she was the best candidate.

It is the leaders, we did what our leaders wanted. I aligned to their will. It was Lai Mohammed’s son they wanted. It does not mean I cannot be put elsewhere to serve, it is not that I lost.
The other guy has never been a legislator too. We are all new. We have a lot of new faces in APC than anywhere else.
I congratulate the winner. I learnt he came out four years ago and he was told to step down for Ikuforiji. We are gathering experience and we will gather more experience.
It is not a bad situation. I was able to convince people that I could do it. I was able to add my voice. It is even a feather to my cap now. There is no hard feelings about it. I was able to come out for what I believe. It is just a seat in the House of Assembly. I can still get a seat elsewhere. I have passion for women and youths. I went through all the processes. I was the best candidate in my constituency. At least, I am a politician now.

See photos of the guy who spent £100,000 on plastic surgeries to look like Kim Kardashian

£100, 000 has been spent by a 23-year-old fella, Jordan James, in his quest to bear a close resemblance to the famous Mrs West.

James says he became obsessed with Kim Kardashian, after seeing her on her flagshp reality show, “Keeping Up With the Kardashians”, a few years ago.

He has had 50 lip-filling operations, eyebrow tattoos, Botox injections in his eyes, eyebrows and forehead, and the Vampire facial, which is said to be Kim’s favourite beauty treatment.

In the gear-department, James has spent thousands of pounds on designer outfits like Prada, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, brands which Kim often dons. He said: “I love everything about Kim. She’s the most gorgeous woman ever. Her skin is perfect, her hair, everything about her.”

Stephaine Okereke Linus in floral dress

You like?

Why I Withdrew From Vice Presidential Race – Bola Tinubu

Statement Released by Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu regarding his withdrawal from consideration for the APC Vice- Presidential Position.

I am a Nigerian who loves his country and am hopeful about what it can become. I have seen and conducted myself as a patriot long before I thought of myself as a politician. I shall always walk this line and no other.

After all the political calculations are made and the dust of competition has settled, it must be this nation and its people who stand first and foremost.

The question becomes whether we stand strong, able to shape ourselves into our best future or will we stand frail and trembling, burdened by the abject failure to surmount the multiple problems confronting us.

It against this backdrop that I assess any action I take. Here I come to my name being placed in consideration as the Vice Presidential candidate for our party, the APC.

I have labored hard to move this party from being merely an idea in the minds of a few into being a political organization that might win this election and govern the nation in way that gives the people the hope and opportunity they seek. Nothing is more important to me than to realize this dream not for myself but for the people of this land I so love.

I helped to build this party, giving no thought to seeking an elected office because of it. My contribution to the party was never based on the expectation of a later political handout. Nigeria is in trouble and we are well past the moment for such narrow, selfish games.

There came a time during the course of the events when our Presidential candidate, General Muhammadu Buhari offered the Vice Presidential slot to me. Being a normal human being, I was deeply moved and honored that he would consider me for the position. Being a patriot, I had to weigh my potential candidacy in all of its dimensions.

I have concluded that the interest of the party, our campaign and of the nation are better served if I retain my position as the National leader of the APC, allowing me to be a bridge builder across all divides. Although, I declined the position, I want to thank General Buhari for extending the honor to me.

Despite all the noise and opposition around my possible selection, he stood firm and steadfast. He showed the traits of a leader in holding to a decision he believed was right despite the errant plots against it.